David Weedmark is a Canadian writer based in Ottawa. His poetry and fiction have sold thousands of copies world-wide. His first collection of poetry, First Stirrings, published by World in Motion, was nominated for the Governor General of Canada’s Literary Award. His first novel, The Tanglewood Murders, published by Dundurn Press, was nominated for the Arthur Ellis Award. He is currently finishing a new novel, to be finished later this year.

He has written thousands of articles, primarily in the areas of technology, business and personal finance. His clients have included Samsung, Sharp, Panasonic, AT&T, Fidelity Investments, Quicken, ReMax, TransUnion, TurboTax, About.com, Office Depot and Visa to name several.

In his spare time, David works as an online marketing consultant and he is a certified front-end web developer with expertise in HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and, of course, WordPress.