Changes Abound!

If you've been around here in the past couple of weeks, you've probably noticed some design changes.

At the start of the year, I finally dropped Wordpress and my bulky, unwieldy choice of WP themes and opted to go with straight CSS/HTML. That in itself shouldn't mean much to most people except that the site looks different and loads a lot faster.

I migrated the pages that accounted for 90 percent of the site's visits. Everything else is gone. A fresh start, like words written in the sand, they won't be back, which is what I think the Internet is all about -- or should be, anyway.

Update: After a day or so, I took a good look at what I had. It didn't quite have the friendly, easily-accessible format I wanted -- except on cell phones, I think it looked great on really small screens -- so I've just spent much of the last week redesigning it all over again. I think it looks better and -- bonus! -- it loads even faster than it did a few days ago.

So here is a first look at "The New Look v2.1."

By David: 12 January 2016