How the World Reads

If you don’t enjoy reading as much as I do, well you’re probably not reading this.

Not surprisingly, e-books have not made physical books outdated, nor will they any time soon. About three quarters of books being bought come in hardcover or paperback form, rather than digital.

According to Pew Research, in a survey of people who have read paper books in the past year, their primary enjoyment is ranked as follows:

  • 26% primarily enjoy learning, gaining knowledge, or new information
  • 15% enjoy escaping reality and immersing themselves in another world
  • 12% enjoy the entertainment value of reading, including the drama of good plot
  • 12% primarily read to relax and have some quiet time
  • 6% enjoy the variety of topics they can access in books
  • 4% said they most like the spiritual enrichment reading offers and expanding their worldview
  • 3% enjoy the mental challenge offered by books
  • 2% said their primary enjoyment comes from the physical properties of a book, including the texture and aroma.

Check out this great infographic from FeelGood.

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